King prawns, what most people here in Norway refer to as “scampi”, has currently a poor reputation. And a well-deserved one.

The production takes place primarily in the mangrove forests of Asia and Africa, where the footprint of the industry is pollution
and soil erosion. Murky water, murky processes and murky business models. Add
great doses of antibiotics, and the picture becomes bleaker still.

HAPPY PRAWNS is a contrarian. Our beacons are quality, integrity and sustainability. Our water is clean, not murky. Our production process is humane and environmentally friendly. Our king prawns have not travelled very far, are
traceable, and full of wholesomeness and taste. They are hand fed and have a great time in land based tanks full of clean Norwegian sea water heated to 24–30 degrees.”

Magnar Hansen, Founder and Production Manager, Happy Prawns

Environmental solutions

Revolutionary research has provided us with both sustainable feed and environmental solutions. No chemicals in neither water nor food. No micro plastic or other debris, as the water is made subject to both mechanical filtering and UV radiation. The tanks are of a unique design that eliminates all contagion risk in case of decease. We simply do not pollute. No shit!

In other respects, our goal is not to produce the most kilograms per cubic meter. That, of course, does not come cheap. But it will leave a better taste – both in your mouth and your conscience.

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